Flatbed Towing

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Our flatbed towing service is a highly effective and safe way to tow your vehicles. The vehicle is simply lifted onto the back of the truck and driven to a destination of your choosing. This means that we can safely remove your damaged vehicle. We can even remove your vehicle if it has been severely damaged. If you need to have a tow and you have a large or severely damaged vehicle then this is the service for you. To learn more about this or to book this service give us a call.


When it comes to using the safety should always be a top priority and towing is no exception. Accidents are all too common on the roads and too many people are lost every year as a result of safety risks. A flatbed tow is the safest way to transport damaged or large vehicles which means that we can keep you safe as well as other road users. We can simply move your vehicle on to our flatbed and then transport it safely. This means there won’t be a big risk of accidents or injury.

Prevent Further Damages

When a vehicle has been damaged or broken down, it is essential that it is towed in the right way. If the vehicle is not towed by our team of professionals it may end up being damaged further. This will means that you will have to pay out for a repair which could end up being very expensive. Flatbed towing is a great way of towing vehicles without risking any further damages. This is because your vehicle will be on the back of the truck and completely clear from the road. This can save you a lot of money on potential repair work needed.

Can be Used Even if Vehicle is Severely Damaged

If your vehicle has been severely damaged a traditional tow may not be an option. If you have been in a crash and broken your wheels or an axle it will be unsafe to be towed by a normal tow truck. If you find yourself in this situation you will need to hire a flatbed tow from us. We can lift the vehicle on to the back of the flatbed truck so we can then safely move it without risking further damage or a safety issue. If you have a severely damaged vehicle you should call us as soon as possible so we can help you move it.

Quick and Convenient Service

One of the many great benefits to flatbed towing is the convenience of it. It is such a simple and straight forward process. You give us a call after you have broken down, we then call out to you and pull your vehicle on to the back of the flatbed truck. We will then drive away and leave your vehicle at a garage or destination of your choosing. Give us a call as soon as you break down so we can safely move your vehicle.

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