Major Signs You Need Your Vehicle To Be Towed

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It can be stressful and/or expensive to get your vehicle towed. No one wants to think about it, but sometimes you need a tow truck. Here are some major signs that you should call a tow truck:

1. Driving Difficulties

Is your car not handling like it used to? Do you smell funny burning smells underneath the hood? These are signs that there may be an issue with the vehicle and you should call a tow truck. Potholes, rocks, curbs, and even wet roads can take their toll on your vehicle’s suspension system. Your steering and acceleration could also take a hit if there is something wrong under the hood. You will want to take your car in for repairs as soon as possible before your problems become much worse.

2. Flat Tire

A flat tire is one of the most common reasons to get your car towed. Even if you can manage to drive it on its rim for a short duration, you should call for help as quickly as possible because it’s not safe or reliable. Driving on a flat tire or with a deflated spare tire for even a short distance can cause a major accident.

3. Spare Tire Issues

Driving on a rim or with a spare tire is another sign that you need to contact a professional towing company as soon as possible. Driving on such tires isn’t safe and should be avoided at all costs, as it will harm the steering and suspension system over time. Even if your car has no other issues, driving on such tires for too long can lead to serious problems later down the road.

4. Dropped Oil or Other Fluids

If your engine is developing any fluid leaks, you shouldn’t take any chances: get help immediately! Leaking fluids aren’t safe because they might flow under the transmission and damage it.

5. Out of Fuel

If you’re running low on gas, you should contact a professional towing company as soon as possible because if your tank is nearly empty, there are risks associated with it. Driving with less than ¼ tank of fuel poses serious risks for the engine and other components, so always plan ahead and try to refill before reaching such a critical stage. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road and you need emergency roadside assistance, Minneapolis Towing is open 24/7.

6. Suspicious Noise

Suspicious sounds emanating from under the hood can be one of many signs that your car needs to be towed. Such sounds might include chirping or any kind of constant whistling sound; even clicking noises can mean that something isn’t right and you need help immediately!

7. Shock Issues

Any kind of shock issue is a major signal that there’s something wrong and you need help. If your shocks aren’t doing their job correctly, you need to call a tow truck company as soon as possible because it can lead to more serious damages.

Most of the time, a tow truck isn’t a pleasant experience. However, if you have one or more of these major signs, you will be glad that you called a professional towing company.