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Here at Roseville Towing and Roadside Assistance we provide our valued customers with essential services that are convenient and affordable. We provide all of our customers in the Roseville area and surrounding areas in Minnesota. We are dedicated to delivering the best services that we can and we strive for excellence with every job that we do. We have a large base of loyal customers that grows by the day as a result of our consistent and trustworthy performance.

About Us

We have very high standards when it comes to the work that we do and the services that we provide. We believe that our ability to consistently meet and often exceed our high standards of service is a key reason for our success. We employ the best staff that we can find, who are trained and experienced at carrying out the work that we do. We equip our staff with high quality materials and all of the latest technology so that we can consistently deliver on every job that we do. This allows us to leave our customers happy that they called us and it allows us to grow as a business.

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Roseville Towing Company

We have great pride in the services that we offer. We want to deliver our excellent services to anyone who needs it at any time. We are able to help you with minor repairs, towing and winch services for vehicles of all shapes and sizes from small cars to busses. If you would like to learn more about any of the expert services that we offer or if you would like to hire us for a job, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or via email.

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Towing Services

The most common job that we get booked for is definitely our Towing service. This service is for when your vehicle has broken down and it cant be fixed at the side of the road. When this happens, give us a call and we will call to you and safely transport both you and your vehicle away to destination of your choosing. This can save you a lot of time and money as well reduce your stress.

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24/7 Emergency Towing

You never know when your vehicle is going to break down. It can happen a 6am on your way to work or it can happen at 3am on your way home from a friends house. For this reason we offer our 24/7 emergency towing services so that we can get to you no matter what time or day that you need our help. This service is effective, safe and very convenient so you can count on us no matter what.

“I was on my way home from work at 2am and then my car broke down. I was really stressed out and I wanted to get the situation resolved as soon as possible. I called this company to come and deliver their emergency tow service. They moved me and my vehicle without an issue and I’m very happy that I called.”

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Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is a great form of Towing that is very versatile and effective. This is when we will load your damaged vehicle on to the back of our flatbed truck for transportation. Even vehicles that are severely damaged can be towed by a flatbed truck unlike a conventional tow truck. Flatbed towing is very safe as the vehicle is not touching the road.

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Roadside Assistance

If you have broken down and you are stranded on the side of the road, you may not require a tow. We will be able to carry out minor repairs to your vehicle so that you will be able to get on your way again. This will make your life easier and it will save you time and hassle as you won’t have to visit a garage.

“I got into a minor crash a few weeks ago. I had no injuries but my car fell into a ditch. I couldn’t have it towed as the angle was too steep. I called this company for their winch service. They pulled my car out of the ditch and brought it to be repaired”

Battery change or jump start with Minneapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance. Tow Truck Near Me

Emergency Roadside Services

We offer a variety of services that are effective at getting you going again. These include jump starts, tire changes, fuel delivery and even locksmith services for car doors. If you require help with any of these services you should give us a call for our emergency roadside services. Get in touch with us today at Minneapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance to book this service.

Winch Service - Minneapolis Towing and Roadside Assistance.

Winch Services

If you have crashed your vehicle or if you have gotten stuck on a very steep slope or in water a tow may not be an option. When this happens you will need to hire us for our winch services. Our winch services will pull your vehicle out from where it is stuck so it can be towed away for repairs. Winching is a safe and effective way to reach hard to reach vehicles.

“I ran out of fuel on the way home from my friends house about one week ago. I was worried as there wasn’t a gas station around for miles. I called this company and they called to me with a tank of fuel so I could get on my way again, it is a very convenient service that they offer”

Call Us Today

We believe that maintaining an open line of communication between ourselves and our valued customers is an essential part of running a successful business. That is why we have a team of staff who are trained and experienced answering your calls and responding to your emails. Our team are ready and waiting for your call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This means that you can always reach us if you need a tow or a helping hand. To learn more about any of the expert services that we provide or if you would like to hire us for a job, give us a call or send us an email today. We look forward to your inquiries.