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What are 5 Tips for Driving in the Winter?


Winter driving can be tough. Studded tires, snow chains, and all-wheel drive are some of the things that come to mind. But it’s not just about your car! You also need to make sure you’re prepared for winter weather conditions with these five tips:

  1. Be aware of black ice on the road – if you see any patches on the ground or bridges, slow down immediately and take caution because this is one of the most dangerous driving hazards during winter months.
  2. If you plan to travel long distances during a snowy day, pack an extra bag with snacks and other necessities so you don’t have to stop on the way.
  3. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working order.
  4. Slow down immediately upon seeing any patches of black ice as they are extremely slippery!
  5. Winter driving can be tough which makes it important that your car has all-wheel drive for maximum safety when traveling around areas covered with snow and ice.

A friendly tip from your local towing company, Minneapolis Towing, if you suddenly find yourself stuck along the road due to weather conditions such as heavy snow make sure to put your hazard lights on immediately which will alert other drivers of what’s ahead!


What are some extra items to have along with you during winter driving?

Towing companies who offer roadside assistance in Minneapolis recommend having the following items in your vehicle in case of an emergency:

  1. ​​Make sure that you have a cell phone charger handy at all times so you can keep it powered up when traveling around areas covered with snow or ice.
  2. You might want to keep an ice scraper in your vehicle for windows that become too foggy or frosty because this could make it hard for you to see out of them which is extremely dangerous while driving!
  3. You should also keep a winter survival kit within easy reach so you can be prepared for anything that might arise such as your vehicle breaking down.
  4. Make sure to have extra blankets and warm clothing ready at all times especially when traveling long distances because this could make it easier to endure any harsh winter weather! .
  5. If something were to happen while driving along areas covered with deep snows or sheets of thick ice, the safest thing would be to stay inside your car until the tow truck arrives.
  6. Make sure to keep your car’s exhaust pipe clear of snow and ice which could cause carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting for assistance! .
  7. It is advised that you never try leaving your vehicle if it breaks down along the road during winter months without first having proper emergency supplies like food, water or blankets available – especially with children or pets in the back seat.

Driving in the winter can be a dangerous and frustrating experience. With some preparation, you’ll have an easier time of it this season. We recommend checking your tires before going out, making sure they are inflated to the right pressure for driving at elevated temperatures. You should also keep emergency supplies handy in case you get stranded or run into any other difficulties on the road. If something does happen, call us immediately so we can help! To make things even easier from now on, add our phone number, Minneapolis Towing to your contacts list today by calling (612) 662-0212.

For more information on winter driving conditions, you can follow this link or for weather-related road condition information, call 5-1-1 or visit

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